Qingdao Sainuo congratulates Jack Ma on won the Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award

According to the news report, on October 15th, at the 2019 Forbes Global CEO Conference held in Singapore, Jack Ma was awarded the Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his persistence and advocacy of entrepreneurship on a global scale to help a generation succeed through the Internet. Jack Ma is the world’s first award-winning Internet industry leader in 13 years. Forbes editor-in-chief Steve Forbes praised Jack Ma in his awards. “Not only in our time, but also one of the greatest entrepreneurial heroes in the world.” However, 20 years ago, Jack Ma’s ambition was regarded as a joke by many people. 20 years later, China’s e-commerce and mobile payment are leading the world, China’s logistics speed is the world’s number one, China’s cloud computing is taking off, and Taobao’s e-commerce ecosystem has created 40 million employment, Jack Ma deserves this award. Forbes believes that Jack Ma not only created Alibaba, a great company, but also promoted the flourishing development of small and micro enterprises in China and the world. It is one of the most influential people in this era.


This entrepreneurial spirit is worth learning for each of our companies. Qingdao Saino has always been adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of not forgetting the initial heart and hard work. We speak with quality and prove with strength.Under the influence of this entrepreneurial spirit, I believe that Saino will definitely get better and better.

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Post time: Oct-17-2019
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