The influence of various lubricants on the speed of PVC plasticization

Lubricants generally have the characteristics of internal lubrication and external lubrication at the same time, and

cannot absolutely have a single performance. From the use effect, the greater the polarity, the better the

compatibility with PVC, the more obvious the effect of increasing the fluidity of PVC molecules, the internal

lubricity is dominant, and the more conducive to promoting plasticization; On the contrary, the more prominent

the non-polarity, the dominant external lubricity, which can delay plasticization.


                                  oxidized polyethylene wax

In practical applications, the commonly used lubricants such as calcium stearate, PETS, 60 have outstanding

internal lubricity; PE wax, paraffin wax, etc. have outstanding external lubricity; oxidized polyethylene wax has

both internal and external lubrication.

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