Application of Erucamide in Ink

Erucamide is commonly used in printing inks to form an ordered arrangement on the surface. Erucamide can enhance the performance of printing inks in the ink industry, mainly used in curved surface printing inks, photocopy inks, and metal plate inks. It can also be used in magnetic inks, typewriter ribbons, carbon paper, and metal decorative inks to improve the lubrication performance of oil black and increase the adhesion of pigments in oil black on hard surfaces.

Erucamide acts by migrating to the surface of ink to form a thin lubricating layer, and it has the following functions when used in printing ink:
1. Improve smoothness
2. Improve its anti clogging performance
3. Improve surface finish
4. Enhance its wear resistance and scratch resistance
5. Enhance the hydrophobicity of ink

Erucamide can be used in metal plate printing ink to enhance its hydrophobicity and make printing images clearer. As for the improvement of smoothness, erucic acid amide can weaken the viscosity of some inks and enhance the anti clogging performance of printed surfaces. In addition, erucic acid amide can also protect the ink from scratches or scratches on the printing surface. Moreover, due to its compactness similar to wax, erucic acid amide can also be used as a waxy component in inkjet inks, making them smoother, less shiny, less adhesive, and irregular handwriting. It can also improve the diffusion performance of ink on the paper surface and the adhesion of ink to the paper. Moreover, erucic acid amide itself, as a part of the ink, will not experience unexpected thickening.

Erucamide is easily ground together with other components in ink production. During application, the solvent in the ink will evaporate, and the amide will migrate to the surface to improve its smoothness and anti clogging properties. The most appropriate dosage is determined by the formula and specific use. Generally, it can be used at a dosage of about 1%.
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