Brief analysis of Ethylene bis stearamide (EBS)

Ethylene bis stearamide is a new type of plastic lubricant developed in recent years. It is widely used in the molding process of PVC products, ABS, high impact polystyrene, polyolefin, rubber and plastic products. Compared with traditional lubricants such as paraffin, polyethylene wax and stearate, it has not only good external lubrication but also good internal lubrication, It can improve the fluidity and demoulding property of the melt barrier plastic in the plastic molding process, thereby improving the output of the plastic processing, reducing the energy consumption, and making the products obtain extremely high surface smoothness and smoothness.


This product contains two amide groups – C-NH – in its molecular structure. Therefore, after the product is added to plastic, the plastic products have better antistatic property, and the plastic products are not easy to “dust” dirty. This valuable and excellent property is particularly important for home appliance and instrument housings and many engineering plastic products. As a lubricant, this product can be used together with other lubricants and has a very significant synergistic effect. Improve the dispersibility of other components such as colorants and fillers in plastics.

EBS is the abbreviation of the English name of ethylene bis stearamide. It is a high melting point synthetic wax. The two polar bonds are highly balanced. Its inherent structure gives play to its unique compatibility and solubility. It can be used as an internal lubricant and an external lubricant for most thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. It is a good pigment dispersant, which can make the operation smoothly and improve the quality of the final product.


Purpose of EBS

1. Application of EBS in plastic processing 

Due to the presence of polar amide groups in EBS molecules, EBS has processing lubrication and low-temperature anti sticking effects on polymer resins. EBS can be inserted into the polymer resin to reduce the interaction between resin components and play the role of internal lubricant. On the other hand, EBS can prevent the resin melt from adhering to the metal surface and play the role of external lubricant due to the mutual friction between the processing equipment in the resin melt. Therefore, EBS is mainly used as a lubricating release agent in plastic processing to improve the quality of plastic products and improve the appearance of products. It also plays the role of anti sticking, smooth, antistatic, improving pigment dispersion and auxiliary stability.

2. Application in rubber processing

EBS can be used as lubricant, anti sticking agent, release agent, filler surface modifier and surface treatment agent of hard rubber in rubber processing. Its outstanding performance is to improve the surface gloss of rubber plate, rubber tube and other products and play the role of surface brightener.

3. Use in casting

When casting the shell, adding EBS as lubricant in the mixture of resin and sand can play a lubricating role.


4. Application in metal processing

When drawing iron wire, EBS can improve the drawing speed, prolong the life of the metal mold and improve the smoothness of the iron wire surface. In addition, during powder metallurgy molding, EBS is used as a lubricant for the metal mold before the metal is melted to reduce the wear of the metal mold.

5. Paper coating 1% EBS can improve the brightness of paper coating. Because of its high melting point, it does not decompose in the heat sealing operation. This paper can be used for food packaging.

Coatings in the coating industry, EBS can be used as pigment grinding aids and dispersants. In addition, EBS can improve the salt water resistance and water resistance of coatings and paints, and improve the smoothness of baking surface. Defoamer is used as the main active component of amide defoamer in the process of pulp and paper making.

6. Synthetic fiber antistatic agent 33% EBS can be used as antistatic agent for synthetic fiber.

7. Other EBS can be used as the melting point rising agent of petroleum products. Adding EBS to adhesives, waxes, etc. has the effect of anti caking and good demoulding. Adding EBS to asphalt can improve the softening point of asphalt, reduce the viscosity and improve the corrosion resistance to water or acid. Adding EBS to the paint remover can improve the properties of the wax layer.

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