Do you know the application of polyethylene wax in color masterbatch production?

Polyethylene wax is an indispensable additive for preparing color masterbatch. Its main function is dispersant and wetting agent. In the process of selecting polyethylene wax, there are several necessary conditions: high thermal stability, appropriate molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution and strong dispersion ability.


1. High thermal stability.
Pe wax used for Color Masterbatch must better withstand the processing temperature during the manufacture of color masterbatch and the molding of colored products. If it is gasified or decomposed, it will have an adverse effect on Color Masterbatch or colored products. The processing temperature of polyolefin color masterbatch and products is generally between 160-280 ℃. Within this temperature range, general polyethylene wax can withstand, while low molecular weight and paraffin produced by HDPE polymerization are difficult to withstand. We carried out isothermal weight loss test on paraffin with melting point of 60 ℃. We found that at 200 ℃, the weight loss of paraffin was 9.57% in 4 minutes and 20% in 10 minutes. Therefore, paraffin is not suitable for color masterbatch production only from the perspective of heat resistance.
2. Appropriate molecular weight.
The molecular weight of commonly used polyethylene wax is generally about 1000-4000. Polyethylene wax with basically the same molecular weight distribution was selected for the test of carbon black which is difficult to disperse. It was found that the dispersion ability of wax to carbon black was further improved with the increase of molecular weight.
3. Narrow molecular weight distribution.
The molecular weight distribution has a certain effect on the dispersion of polyethylene wax. The wax with narrow molecular weight distribution has higher dispersion rate than that with wide molecular weight distribution. Therefore, the polyethylene wax produced by polymerization is better than that cracked.
4. Strong dispersion ability.
Polyethylene wax can improve the dispersion of pigment, and the dispersion of pigment directly determines the coloring ability of color masterbatch. If the pigment is well dispersed, the coloring power of the masterbatch is high. Therefore, the coloring power can be used to characterize the dispersion ability of polyethylene wax to pigment.
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Post time: Jan-06-2022
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