Happy Thanksgiving from Qingdao Sainuo

Thanksgiving, thanks to the parenting grace of parents, thanks to the companionship and tolerance of friends, thanks to the hard work of the teacher, thanks to the selfless help of strangers, and thanks to dedicated people from all walks of life who have paid silently to society. It is precisely because of these people around us that our society will become more and more harmonious and beautiful. Our lives will become more and more happy.


Thanks for all the encounters in life. Thanks for the good times. Bless everyone and forget all unhappiness , Throw away all the burdens, look forward, may the rest of our lives, we are happy.

Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,Ltd.  We are manufacturer for PE wax, PP wax, OPE wax, EVA wax, PEMA, EBS.… Our products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing. 

Sainuo rest assured wax, welcome your inquiry!



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Post time: Nov-28-2019
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