Introduction of polyethylene wax for color masterbatch

First of all, before starting today’s problem, Sainuo Xiaobian wants to do a research with everyone:

In the masterbatch industry, what do you care most about when choosing polyethylene wax?

Dispersion? fluidity?cost performance ?Smell is small?

Do you still have these headaches during the production of masterbatch?

Crystal point! Color spots! Flow pattern! The color is not bright! Not enough brightness! Precipitation! ! !

Why are I going to discuss this issue with you today?

A friend is leaving a message in the background:

The surface of the product that was previously made was white and foggy. This phenomenon has always plagued the manufacturer. The engineers of this factory are looking for various channels to repeatedly test the samples, and compare the products of Sainuo with the products of other manufacturers and found that the use of Sainuo’s PE wax not only solves the problem of this phenomenon, but also the product of Sainuo has better lubricity, and the produced masterbatch has a tight and neat cross section and better mechanical properties.

Of course, regarding the SN8E product, this is not the first time to receive feedback from customers. The product developed by Sainuo for the environmental protection storm has recently been popular in the field of high-end masterbatch production.

The following Sainuo Xiaobian will take you to find out more about the true face of SN8E.



Index of SN8E

Softening Point℃





White Powder

Advantage of SN8E

1、Free of low molecular substances

2、Good lubricity

3、Balance the lubrication and dispersion

4、Good whiteness, good dispersion, and the smell is small.

5、Do not migrate, do not precipitate

6、Passed ISO9001, ROHS, REACH, PAHS and other certifications.

7、High dispersion, high yield
Application of SN8E 

1、Master batch 

2、High concentration hardly disperses black masterbatch

3、High concentration difficult to disperse color masterbatch

4、Non-woven filled masterbatch

5、Food grade masterbatch

6、PVC soft glue granulation

7、Metallurgical injection

If you have the above items in progress, pay more attention to odor or have higher requirements for VOC, you can use SN8E to test it.

Tested by the sainuo customer test:

Add 40% LLDPE, 40% carbon black, 20% SN118E, after mixing, granulating, blown film, analysis of processability and dispersibility of the bright experiment, the effect and imported A wax and domestic pure pyrolysis wax 657, EVA wax production color Compared with the mother blown film, the dispersion is equivalent, and the brightness is better than other products.


After reading it, do you want to give it a try, then take action and contact me immediately!

Qingdao sainuo focuses on the research, development, production and application of lubricating, dispersing, brightening, coupling and other auxiliaries, providing you with the product system of anti-precipitation, high lubrication and super dispersing.The company has a mature technical research and development team, has an advanced international laboratory open to the outside world, to provide customers with the need for formula optimization, cost reduction and efficiency and other technical support, at the same time to comply with the requirements of environmental protection, we also provide enterprises with a package of additives, additives dust-free service. Petroleum resins are generally not used alone, but as promoters, regulators, modifiers and other resins.

Sainuo rest assured wax, welcome your inquiry!


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