PVC external lubricant: the difference between Fischer Tropsch wax and PE wax

Polyethylene wax

Polyethylene wax is widely used because of its excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. In normal production, this part of wax can be directly added to polyolefin processing as an additive, which can increase the luster and processing performance of the product. As a lubricant, it has stable chemical properties and good electrical properties. Pe wax has good compatibility with polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl acetate, ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. It can improve the fluidity of polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS and the demoulding property of polymethylmethacrylate and polycarbonate. Compared with other external lubricants, polyethylene wax has stronger internal lubrication for PVC.


Fischer Tropsch wax
Fischer Tropsch wax is mainly composed of linear and saturated high-carbon alkanes with relative molecular weight of 500-1000, which gives this chemical fine crystal structure, high melting point, narrow melting point range, low oil content, low penetration, low mobility, low melting viscosity, hardness, wear resistance and high stability.

105A-1The significant difference between Fischer Tropsch synthetic wax and general polyethylene wax (PE wax) lies in:
(1) molecular weight. The molecular weight of Fischer Tropsch wax is much lower than that of PE wax, with less branched chains and high crystallinity. It is easy to penetrate into the high viscosity macromolecular chain, significantly reduce the melt viscosity, have small mobility in the processing process and obvious lubrication effect in the later stage.
(2) Fischer Tropsch wax is saturated direct alkane, without double bond, with strong antioxidant capacity and good weather resistance.
⑶ the viscosity of Fischer Tropsch wax is much lower than that of PE wax. Only about 10. The same lubrication effect can be achieved with less dosage. The use amount is only 70-80% of PE wax. Fischer Tropsch wax has good compatibility with PVC and can be used as internal and external lubricant. It can be used as a good internal lubricant to effectively control shear conditions, promote flow, control friction and melting properties, so as to improve thermal stability. At the same time, due to its high crystallinity and high linearity structure, Fischer Tropsch wax makes PVC products obtain the best physical and processing properties. According to the needs, the Fischer Tropsch process can synthesize alkanes with different chain lengths, change the molecular weight of the final product and form a series of products.
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