Sainuo Family

Qingdao sainuo is a domestic company engaged in the r&d and production of Polyethylene wax, Special modified wax, EBS, Stearate and other lubricating and dispersing products. Since the establishment of the company more than 10 years, has been committed to the development of production technology and application technology, product system construction and product research and development, in order to provide customers with excellent services and constantly communicate with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, improve themselves, and continue to progress.

Sainuo’s values: Orthocore, Samyak-Charitra, Thanksgiving, Win-Win, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Loyal and Brave , Motivated.

Sainuo has always insisted that the executive force is the combat effectiveness of a team, the interests of the team are higher than the interests of the individual, the interests of the individual obey the interests of the team.


Sainuo rest assured wax, welcome your inquiry!


Adress:Room 2702,Block B, Suning Building, Jingkou Road, Licang District, Qingdao,China



Post time: Sep-28-2019
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