Sainuo pe wax enhances the transparency of transparent filling masterbatch

With the continuous innovation and upgrading of plastic products, the emergence of transparent masterbatches will gradually replace ordinary filling masterbatches. Qingdao Saino Group is an enterprise specializing in the production of polyethylene wax. Our company’s research and development of polyethylene wax plays a significant role in the production, processing, and production of transparent masterbatches. Regardless of the type of transparent powder used, the high softening point, high lubrication, and high dispersibility of Saino polyethylene wax have been consistently praised by customers for increasing product transparency during use!

What is a transparent masterbatch? Transparent masterbatch, also known as transparent masterbatch or transparent filling masterbatch, has become increasingly demanding for plastic products due to the continuous rise in petroleum prices, the rise in plastic raw materials, and the expansion of the field of plastic products. Simply filling plastic products with inorganic powder is far from adapting to the rapid development of the plastic industry. More and more plastic manufacturers are demanding that plastic products not only have a good appearance and toughness, but also have a small proportion, low cost, and maintain basic transparency and glossiness.

The biggest characteristic of transparent filling masterbatch compared to ordinary filling masterbatch is that it is added to PP and PE, and has little impact on its transparency. It can be widely used in fields such as films, sheets, pipes, containers, etc. If used in PE films, an appropriate amount of addition can improve the transparency of PE films, and can also be used in degradable composite materials. Has good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are incomparable to existing ordinary filler masterbatches.
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Post time: Jul-27-2023
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