Application of polyethylene wax – plastics processing lubricant

The lubricant used in plastic processing is to improve the plastic, In particular, the fluidity 

and demoulding of the Thermoplastic during processing and forming. The main function of

the lubricant is to reduce the friction between the plastic material and the processing

machinery and the inner parts of the plastic material, so as to improve the processing

performance of the plastic and the performance of the products. The viscosity of

polyethylene wax is much lower than that of plastic melt, so it can be used as melt index

modifier of plastic. Because of its good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature

and good dispersion, it can improve the fluidity of plastic processing and thus improve the

plastic processing properties. PVC resin has excellent physical properties, can be made of

rigid and flexible products. The process includes extrusion, coating, injection, blow molding,

calendering and so on. Products are pipe, profile, sheet, hollow products, wire and cable

sheath and so on. PVC resin thermal stability is poor, in processing molding need to add heat

stabilizer and lubricant. The lubricant prevents the resin from remaining in the extruder or

from decomposing due to local overheating, and makes the resin easy to mold.



Polyethylene wax and oxidized polyethylene wax are mainly used for external lubrication

and have good lubrication in the middle and later stages of molding process. They can be

regarded as a medium-and late-stage lubricant and are suitable for the production of products

with complicated cross-section. It can be used in lead salt stabilization system, non-toxic

calcium- zinc composite stabilization system and rare earth composite stabilization system.

Such as A-C316A is a very good external lubricant, applied to all types of PVC processing

technology, especially in PVC calendering and extrusion process, can significantly improve

the plasticization of PVC, improve the mechanical strength of products; It has outstanding

anti-adhesion and anti-scorch property. However, the 316A is relatively expensive, and the

Qingdao Sainuo SN-3316 can replace the 316A to reduce the cost.

Qingdao Sainuo SN3316 is a high-density modified wax, it can promote plasticization, and it

has a good post-thermal stability, it can give products a good plasticization and luster, long

continuous production cycle, in masterbatch will increase dispersion and brightness, but it

has an effect on the oxidative induction period. It widely used in PVC products, Stabilizers

and Modified materials,etc.

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