How to solve the fading problem after the use of color masterbatch (1)

Color masterbatch is because of its own performance characteristics can stand out in a large number of dyes, when

it is used not only the color can not fall long, but also very environmentally safe. But some people have reflected

that, why buy the color masterbatch after the use of a short period of time will fade? This is mainly due to the

following factors. Today, Qingdao Sainuo polyethylene wax manufacturers take you to understand the first two


1. Light fastness

Light resistance will directly affect the fading of products, outdoor products exposed to strong light, its light (light

resistance) grade requirements is an important indicator, light resistance grade is poor, products in use will quickly

fade. Weather-resistant products should be selected light-resistant grade should not be lower than six,

recommended to choose seven, eight, indoor products can choose four, five.

Solution: The light resistance of the carrier Resin also has a great influence on the color change. The molecular

structure of the carrier resin changes after UV irradiation. The light stability of colorant and colored plastic

products can be improved by adding UV absorbents and other light stabilizers into color masterbatch. However,

the pigments of organic compounds will change their molecular structure and decompose a little at a certain

temperature, especially PP, PA, PET products.


                                  pe wax for color masterbatch

2. Heat resistance

The thermal stability of pigments refers to the degree of heat loss, discoloration and fading of pigments at the

processing temperature. Inorganic pigments for the composition of metal oxides, salts, good thermal stability, high

heat resistance.

Solution: The processing temperature of color masterbatch is over 280 °C. when selecting colorant, we should pay

attention to the heat resistance of pigment on the one hand and the heat resistance time of pigment on the other


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