Polyethylene wax performance equivalent Sasol H1( Note:Raw materials are rising. Please contact us if you want to order!)

Today, Qingdao Sainuo Xiaobian takes you to know a “star polyethylene wax“, whose performance is comparable to Sasol H1.



 Model Softening Point℃   ViscosityCPS@140℃  Density g/cm3@25℃ Penetration dmm@25℃ Appearance
H110P 108-115 5-15 0.92-0.93 1-2 White Granule

Product Advantage

1. It Performance equivalent Sasol H1.
2. Concentrated carbon distribution, concentrated molecular weight distribution, very low thermal weight loss, good early, middle and late stage lubrication performance, excellent late thermal stability, no migration, no precipitation, no odor, meet FDA requirements.

PVC stabilizer and products, hot melt adhesive, powder coating, filler masterbatch, asphalt modification.

Adding amount and how to use
1.PVC 0.5-1%, stabilizer 5-20%, filling masterbatch 5-8%, hot-melt adhesive 2-5%, road mark painting 1-3%, asphalt 1-3%;
2.It can usually be added directly, pre-dispersed by high-speed mixing and stirring, and the appropriate temperature and time can be controlled to obtain the best pre-dispersion effect;
3.The paint or ink is processed by the method of dispersion or grinding, using a grinder or high-shear dispersing equipment, selecting appropriate process conditions, making wax powder into a wax slurry with a content of 20-30%, and then adding it in the required proportion;
4.For other industries, please refer to the characteristics of the processing technology of this industry to determine the best timing and method of addition.

This product is white powder appearance and conforms to the standard. It is packed in 25 kg paper-plastic composite bags or woven bags. It is transported in the form of pallets. Each pallet has 40 bags and a net weight of 1000 kg, Extended packaging on the outside.

Raw materials are rising all over the world, and the price of polyethylene wax will also rise, because the price is not very high now. Please contact us if you want to order!

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