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In the workplace, the rapid rise of new worker, most have several characteristics: strong understanding, logical

clarity, smooth expression, strong execution and so on. It boils down to this: allow yourself to grow faster than

your leader expects of you.


Many young worker are eager to grow fast, or even double the speed of growth, but some growth is the need

to slowly exercise the process, might as well try the following 3 ways to grow:

1. Find your own good goal

Only by finding your own challenges and goals can you create motivation. Once you get into a state of total

commitment, the momentum of working toward your goals can help you get other work done more efficiently, and

that’s a good place to start.

2. Set aside time and investment for growth

It is recommended that you set aside at least 200 hours of time for your own capacity building and physical

activity when planning your time. Because the necessary investment and time, is the only way you grow fast.

3. Positive circulation of the excitation circuit is formed

If you don’t benefit from your work, your motivation to grow will never be enough. One way to motivate yourself

is to apply a skill you’ve learned to your work right away.

Everyone expects it just once, and holding on to every expectation means you need to keep growing, rather than

letting them accumulate enough disappointment to leave you.

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