The role of polyethylene wax in the processing of masterbatch system

Polyethylene wax is low molecular weight (<1000) polyethylene, which is a commonly used additive in plastic processing industry. Using pe wax in plastic extrusion molding can improve the fluidity of materials, increase production, and allow higher filler concentration. 


Polyethylene wax is widely used in color masterbatch processing. The purpose of adding pe wax is not only to change the processing performance of the color masterbatch system, but also to promote the dispersion of pigments in the color masterbatch. The dispersion of pigments is very important for Color Masterbatch, and the quality of Color Masterbatch mainly depends on the dispersion of pigments. Good dispersion of pigments, high coloring power of Color Masterbatch, good coloring quality of products and low cost. Polyethylene wax improves the dispersion level of pigments to a certain extent, and is a common dispersant in the production of color masterbatch. 
1. Application of polyethylene wax in Masterbatch system
Because polyethylene wax has relatively low viscosity and good compatibility with pigments, it is easy to wet pigments, penetrate into the internal pores of pigment aggregates, weaken the cohesion, make the pigment aggregates easier to open under the action of external shear force, and the new particles are quickly wetted and protected, so as to improve the dispersion of pigments and allow the system to add higher pigment concentration; In addition, the viscosity of polyethylene wax is relatively low, which can reduce the viscosity of master batch system, increase fluidity, improve processing efficiency and increase production.
2. What causes the unsmooth surface of masterbatch?
If the surface of color masterbatch is not smooth during production, first check whether the extrusion temperature is appropriate. High or low extrusion temperature or head temperature will cause rough surface; If the extrusion temperature is appropriate, it is necessary to consider whether the dispersion of the pigment is good. If the pigment molecules are too hard, they will be poorly dispersed in the plastic, resulting in an unsmooth surface; If the molecular weight of dispersant (polyethylene wax) is low or excessive, it may precipitate to the surface during the processing of Color Masterbatch, resulting in die paste, resulting in unsmooth surface of extrusion brace, resulting in rough particle surface and poor light perception.

3. What will be the impact of the sharp acceleration of the equipment in the color masterbatch processing process?
During the processing of Color Masterbatch, the equipment speeds up greatly, which will shorten the retention time of masterbatch in the barrel, and the mixing and dispersion of each component is uneven, resulting in unstable color, pigment agglomeration can not be opened to form material lines, and the plasticizing effect of masterbatch is not ideal. To improve the dispersion effect of each component, we can appropriately increase the temperature of the material, add dispersion additives (high-quality polyethylene wax), and adjust the screw combination to enhance the mechanical mixing effect and ensure the best yield and plasticizing effect.
4. Reasons for frequent screen changes during the production and processing of filling masterbatch
During the processing of filling master batch, frequent screen changes greatly affect the processing efficiency. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the mesh of calcium powder selected is not up to standard; Or the dispersion effect of lubricating dispersant is poor, causing the aggregated calcium powder to fail to open, causing the filler to block the network; It is also possible that the raw materials may be affected by moisture, resulting in agglomeration in the process of production and processing, resulting in network blockage.

5. Methods to improve the dispersion of high concentration Masterbatch
There are many ways to improve the dispersion of high color masterbatch, such as selecting equipment with better plasticizing performance, improving the molding process of masterbatch, selecting better dispersion additives, appropriately increasing the content of dispersion additives and carriers, etc. Among them, the most economical and practical way is to choose better and more appropriate dispersants. Polymer wax 619 is selected. Due to its own molecular and structural characteristics, it has good compatibility with pigments and resins. Then the pigments are dispersed by mechanical shear force to solve the problem of difficult dispersion; Because of its high molecular weight characteristics, it also solves the common problems in the production process, such as big smell, smoke and difficult printing of products.
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